“Satin Elegance Varsity Jacket”

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The patched Varsity Jacket by Global Deen wear allows you to bring back the classic letterman jacket with a completely new and individual twist to your personal wardrobe and layering options. The satin Varsity is your new go-to jacket with the aim to look cool and blend right in at every level with your values and style, a modern interpretation of the classic letterman jacket. The authentically styled design allows you to match this varsity-style bomber jacket with many other pieces in your wardrobe to build a look that wouldn't look out of place and appreciated everywhere you go. The exceptional quality and craftsmanship of this jacket will put you well above the game.


* Relaxed fit – Not slim, not loose either, just right.

* Classic varsity design

* Satin material

* Popper fastening

* Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem

* Two external pockets

* Full quality internal lining

* inner pocket with popper fastening

* Individual epliq embroidered patches

* Large embroidered back design