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The keep calm T-shirt with a soothing message that draws inspiration from spirituality and devotion. In bold, contrasting fonts, the words "Keep Calm, It's Time for Salaah" and the image of the globe makes clear it’s universal. The message "Keep Calm, It's Time for Salah" serves as a reminder to maintain inner peace and tranquility while engaging in the act of Salah, a pillar of our faith involving prayer and connection with the most high.

The simplicity of the design, with its minimalistic approach, allows the message to take center stage. The words inspire individuals to approach their prayer time with a sense of calmness and mindfulness, encouraging a deeper spiritual connection.

This t-shirt will effortlessly keep you in good fashion and allow you to easily bridge the gap with the urban street wear fashion and your core values.
Its urban style is reflected in its modern and edgy design elements, making it popular among fashion-conscious individuals.

This t-shirt features unique and eye-catching designs that has been screen printed along with puff print giving it a quality finish.

The urban style cotton t-shirt is a versatile and stylish addition to anyone's wardrobe, combining comfort, modern design, and urban influences into one fashionable piece of clothing.

All our T shirts are manufactured using 100% premium cotton fabric and with a minimum 200 GSM to give you the right feeling of quality and comfort.